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Matches included since:

MS = Men Singles, WS = Women Singles, JBS = Junior Boys Singles, JGS = Junior Girls Singles, CBS = Cadet Boys Singles, CGS = Cadet Girls Singles

MSC = Men Singles Consolation, WSC = Women Singles Consolation, JBC = Joys Boys Consolation, JGC = Junior Girls Consolation, CBC = Cadet Boys Consolation, CGC = Cadet Girls Consolation

MD = Men Doubles, WD = Women Doubles, JBD = Junior Boys Doubles, JGD = Junior Girls Doubles, CBD = Cadet Boys Doubles, CGD = Cadet Girls Doubles

XD = Mixed Doubles, JXD = Junior Mixed Doubles, CXD = Cadet mixed doubles

MT = Men Teams, WT = Women Teams, JBT = Junior Boys Teams, JGT = Junior Girls Teams, CBT = Cadet Boys Teams, CGT = Cadet Girls Teams

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